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David Lee Roth Slams Wolfgang Van Halen in His Podcast, Calls Him a Spoiled Kid Who Doesn’t Know Anything

David Lee Roth, the former singer of Van Halen, has criticized Wolfgang Van Halen, the son of his old friend Eddie Van Halen, in his podcast, “The Roth Show.”

David Lee Roth Slams Wolfgang Van Halen in His Podcast, Calls Him a Spoiled Kid Who Doesn’t Know Anything
David Lee Roth Slams Wolfgang Van Halen in His Podcast

Roth used bad words to say that Wolfgang was a spoiled kid who whined all the time when they were on tour together. He also said that Wolfgang kicked out his guests from the concerts, not knowing that they were actually helping him with his money.

“This f—ing kid! is so annoying! He keeps saying that I don’t care about him onstage,” Roth said. “I’m doing my best, in front of thousands of people, and he’s telling everyone that I’m bad.”

Roth said that Wolfgang was trying to make him angry, but he didn’t care. He said that he loved Eddie, who died in 2020, and that playing music with him was better than any romance he ever had.

“My dear Eddie, I miss him so much. I had so much fun with Eddie,” Roth said. “Playing with Eddie, making songs with Eddie, showing those songs with Eddie was better than any love I ever had.”

Roth talked about one time when they were in New York City, and Wolfgang kicked out two of his guests. Roth said that those guests actually worked for the same company that handled Wolfgang’s money, not his. He said that Wolfgang didn’t give them tickets, not knowing that they were working for him.

“This f—ing kid! doesn’t know anything. These two women work for the company that takes care of his money, not mine,” Roth said. “But as always, he, like his uncle and his uncle’s brother, didn’t give them tickets.”

Roth also talked about another time when they were in Los Angeles, during what he said was his last show with Eddie Van Halen. Wolfgang kicked out one of Roth’s guests, not knowing she had money for everyone who worked on the tour.

“Wolfgang Van Halen thinks he can make me mad by kicking out who he thinks is my girlfriend. But guess what? She is not my girlfriend, she is another accountant, and she has the money for 82 of us who work on the tour, and extra money for everyone too,” Roth said.

This is not the first time that Van Halen has had problems within the band. The band, started by Eddie and Alex Van Halen, added Roth in 1973. Over the years, they had fights and disagreements that made Roth leave the band in the mid-1980s.

After Roth left, Sammy Hagar replaced him until 1996 when Roth came back for a short time. But they still had problems, and Van Halen got back together in 2007 with Eddie’s son, Wolfgang, as the bass player. The band still had troubles and arguments over the years.

After Eddie died, Wolfgang said the band was over, saying, “You can’t have Van Halen without Eddie Van Halen.” He has started his own band, Mammoth WVH.

Hagar, who also didn’t get along with Roth, told Fox News Digital that he and Roth will never be friends. He said that they are very different.

Wolfgang has not said anything about Roth’s words yet. He has said before that he was not sure if he belonged in Van Halen, saying that he felt like he was “not good enough” to be in the band. He also said that he wanted to make his own music and not be compared to his father.

“People think that I’m lazy and don’t care because of my name or who my parents are,” Wolfgang said in an interview with CNN.

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