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DJ Slick Rick, a Legend of Memphis Music, Found Decapitated in His Home; Family and Friends Seek Justice and Donations

Memphis, TN – The music community of Memphis is in shock and grief after the brutal murder of Rick Buchanan, also known as DJ Slick Rick, who was found decapitated in his home on Wednesday, January 24, 2024.

Memphis DJ Slick Rick Found Decapitated in His Home
DJ Slick Rick, a Legend of Memphis Music

Rick Buchanan was a well-known and respected DJ who had been performing locally for decades, playing in several bars and clubs, including The Stage Stop, a historic music venue and bar that his family owned until it closed in 2019.

He was also a champion of Memphis music and took pride in presenting, playing, and promoting local artists and bands at The Stage Stop, according to a GoFundMe page organized by his family for his funeral and donations to charity.

“Rick gave to anyone he could, friends, strangers, and charities like MDA. He used his voice and personality to raise unthinkable amounts of money for others,” the page reads.

Memphis DJ Slick Rick, Ricky Buchanan Found Decapitated in His Home
Ricky Buchanan Performance Photo

Many friends and fans of Rick Buchanan expressed their condolences and tributes on social media, remembering him as a legend of Memphis and a generous and friendly person.

“Absolutely devastated to hear that Ricky Buchanan has died. Before I knew you, you were a legend of Memphis and when we became friends, you were still a legend,” wrote Neill Bartlett, a friend of Rick, on Facebook.

Another band, Area 51 Memphis Band, also mourned his loss, writing: “Our hearts go out to Nita Makris and family for the loss of her son, Ricky Buchanan aka ‘Slick Rick’. Anybody that attended/played The Stage Stop on a regular basis knew Slick Rick. We are going to miss him. RIP Slick Rick.”

Rick Buchanan’s brother, John Buchanan, was the one who discovered his headless body on Angel Avenue in the Berclair neighborhood around 2:30 pm on Wednesday. He told FOX13 that he was shocked and horrified by what he saw when he entered his brother’s house.

“I walked in and found him, and I just called 911,” he said. “Thought his coat was up over his head like it was cold or something. I ran out and then I ran back in. And, then I realized it was something worse.”

John Buchanan said he had no idea what happened or what led up to his brother’s death. He said he went to his brother’s house in Berclair after receiving a call from his neighbor, who noticed something was wrong.

“A lot of things were weird,” he said. “He had his keys still in his hand. His pants were pulled down to his feet and the back door was wide open, so that’s the weird stuff.”

The police are investigating the case, but no suspects or motives have been identified yet. John Buchanan said he is planning to adopt his brother’s dog, Lucky, who was also in the yard when he arrived.

Rick Buchanan’s family is asking for anyone with information about his death to contact the authorities. They are also seeking donations for his funeral and charity through the GoFundMe page, which has raised over $10,000 so far.

Rick Buchanan, also known as DJ Slick Rick, was 54 years old. He is survived by his mother, Nita Makris, his brothers, John and Jimmy Buchanan, his sister, Christi Buchanan, and his nieces, Ashley and Brittany Buchanan.

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